Lower Tolls

Florida has the highest tolls in America!  It’s Highway Robbery!

Alan Grayson will lower our tolls. Think it is “just a local issue”? It’s much more than that. The Florida Department of Transportation and local leaders will be seeking billions of dollars in federal money to build the next phase of I-4 expansion from Kirkman Road to the Polk County line on the westbound side, and Lake Mary to Deltona on the eastbound side. As it stands today, there are tolls planned for all of those new lanes, just like the “express lanes” that have opened through the center of Orlando (which Congressman Grayson pushed for to be free back in 2016).  We already paid for these roads through the gas tax; now they want us to pay for them again through tolls.  These new I-4 “Lexus lanes” must be completely free to all users.  Almost all federal highways around the country are toll-free; why not ours?

What about existing tolls? Congressman Grayson will lower those, too. The key is stop the Expressway from charging tolls on the 408 through downtown. The tolls were originally designed to pay the bonds for the road issued in 1971. That was more than 50 years ago, and those bonds have been long since paid off, yet the Central Florida Expressway Authority keeps charging us.  The Kirkman and Lake Underhill toll plazas should be dismantled and sold for scrap. Congressman Grayson will do whatever it takes to end this rip-off.

End Highway Robbery!  Vote for Alan Grayson!