We’re ALL in this together.

Floridians need help, here’s what Alan Grayson wants to do in the Florida Senate:

✓ Higher pay
✓ Lower taxes
✓ Lower insurance costs
✓ Lower rent & mortgages

Others running for Florida Legislature talk about what they WANT to do.

Here’s what Alan Grayson has DONE ALREADY for us in Central Florida!

✓ Funded Orlando’s first Veterans Hospital.
✓ Expanded Veteran’s benefits.
✓ $10 million more for Celebration Hospital.
✓ $50 million more for Osceola Schools.
✓ 50% more bilingual housing counseling.
✓ No-down-payment, zero-percent mortgages.
✓ Funded Sunrail through Osceola County.
✓ Funded free business courses.
✓ Cut foreclosures in half.