Lower Taxes

There are two taxes that are as unfair as a tax can be.  They’re the gas tax, and the tax on Social Security benefits.  They both need to be repealed, permanently.

The gas tax is, basically, a tax on driving, a tax on going to work.  The federal government taxes only alcohol, tobacco and driving, which makes no sense.  The tax on driving raises barely 1% of federal government revenue – the federal government doesn’t need it.  It should be eliminated.

The states shouldn’t tax driving, either.  State and local government has the sales tax, the corporate income tax and the property tax.  They don’t need to tax on driving, too.  The federal government should withhold federal highway funds from any state that taxes driving.

Worst of all is the tax on Social Security benefits.  It’s a double tax.  We pay taxes on the money that we pay into Social Security, for forty years or more.  Then we pay taxes on the money that comes out of it, to us.  Once is enough!  The Grayson-Massey Act would end that double taxation of Social Security benefits, forever.